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Rapture of Infection

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Rapture of Infection

This year "Rapture of Infection" Takes Halloween to a whole new level.

In Cresson Pennsylvania there's a New Haunted Prison in town.

The End has come Upon us, fractions have rose up. After the nuclear winter had started, migrants came from all over to "ROI". Here the military has gained command of the out-world, pushing everyone toward the Containment Facility known to all as The Rapture of Infection "ROI". Inside "ROI", you are free to live and be who and what you are, but beware of the infected horrible mutation brought on by the fallout. These plagues to the earth are just as free as you but they are vicious creatures that no longer have a soul and only longs to feed. Living in "ROI" as well, is Dr. Samuel Headmen, not your average doctor and scientist but he does try and bring hope to the followers of the Guild. A cult-like tribe of assassins will murder the infected and others who seek to steal the secrets of the new world. In the bowels of this Haven lives the Rat King. A self proclaimed aristocrat with the love of the divine and beauty of his world where his play dolls roam taking piece of the oncomers. They like to put together the perfect wonder in the world. As if you think the company of the Rat King was not enough Beware of the puppet master himself, Paul Von Heuber. In the old world, he was a famous artist but could never get the work of art that made him glee with joy. He lives far in the deepest parts of the "Center", building his creations. Paul and A living breathing army of in-humannoid paper mache people would just Love if you joined. You may wonder, "Will I ever find a place in this world of infected mad men and inhumane beings, trying to kill me at every turn?" Well my friend, dig your feet in because you will never leave "ROI".

Are you ready to come to "ROI" to see what we have in store for you?

Rapture of Infection

Are you brave enough to experience "ROI".

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