**Please note that our attraction is NOT handicap accessible.**

Escaping the Darkness

While on your normal evening walk, you stumble across a path you’ve never encountered before, dimly lit from a source you cannot see. You feel the urge to give in to your darkest desires, and feel your soul being pulled along the path, which leads to an abandoned church in what appears to be the plague stricken wilderness. Adrénaline pumped, you stumble inside. While investigating the church, you uncover a passageway leading deep underground. Following it, you are led to a portal and are transported through time and space to the quant Maple House, home of the Darkness. Coming to your senses, you desperately try to escape. Along your journey, you will meet the Darkness and its twisted mother and father, who attempts to pull you into the Darkness. The Darkness know that souls are the key to letting Darkness win, and will do anything it can to trap your soul and infuse it into its army of doll henchman to create the ultimate Army of Darkness. Treat this journey with the utmost care, because the Darknes isn’t the only thing who’ll snatch your soul; its very manor will grab you and pull you into the darkness if you aren’t careful about every step you take. Fight for your life through Maple House, the Valley of the Dolls, and other skin crawling locations as you maneuver through the worlds the Darkness has built for your horror.